Newswire: Hot Topic releases American Horror Story line almost as black as fans’ souls

Asking if Hot Topic patrons watch American Horror Story is like asking if Lady Gaga can walk in those shoes: If you have to ask, you don’t really get it. So it makes sense that the only two things that can make a teenage goth smile are collaborating on a new fashion line, with outfits inspired by each season of the morbidly loony FX anthology series. Pre-orders for the line have already started on the Hot Topic website, where the darkest little snowflakes can stake their claim on a theater-kid approved Freak Show dress, an Asylum dress that’s kind of like the Freak Show dress but with knives on it, Hotel “Bellhop” and Murder House “Maid” dresses appropriate for conceptual burlesque/performance art hybrids, or a Coven “Witch Coat” sure to attract a date who writes poetry under the name “SanguineDreamer.”

This isn’t the first time Hot …

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