Newswire: Horror streaming service Shudder launches mentorship program for DIY filmmakers

With a large, passionate fan base and a history littered with examples of low-budget features that spawned massive multi-decade franchises, horror is one of the easier genres for an aspiring filmmaker to break into. That doesn’t mean that the future Carpenters and Cravens of the world couldn’t use a little encouragement, however, which is the logic behind horror-specific streaming service Shudder’s new Shudder Labs initiative.

Speaking to The A.V. Club, Shudder curator Sam Zimmerman says that Shudder Labs was born from the desire to help up-and-coming—perhaps even self-taught—filmmakers in ways beyond streaming their movies. “The best horror is built on outsider [perspectives] and true independence,” Zimmerman says. The main aim of Shudder Labs, according to Zimmerman, is to provide mentorship and networking opportunities for these directors, pairing them with industry professionals from independent backgrounds who can help backyard filmmakers take the next step. “Independent …

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