Newswire: Homeland is going to Germany for its fifth season

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Showtime is packing up Homeland and moving it to Germany for a fifth season of terrorist-related adventures. The show was filmed in South Africa last year, with the action primarily taking place in Pakistan. It sounds like this season of Homeland will actually be focused on Europe, though, with Claire Danes’ Carrie Mathison now working for “a private security firm in Berlin.” As we’ve previously reported, the show will also be jumping ahead two and a half years into a future in which—apparently—terrorism still exists. Also, everyone will have high-tech phones and tablets that don’t really add anything to the story, but they’ll be an okay visual gag.

Even though its moving to Germany, Homeland showrunner Alex Gansa says the show will still revolve around current events in the Middle East. However, Gansa also referenced “what’s happening in the …

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