Newswire: Home-shopping network for guns to launch next year, is fine because guns aren’t the problem

In a move that, if gun-rights advocates are to be believed, will ensure that no one will ever get shot within 50 feet of a TV ever again, Rolling Stone reports that a new home-shopping channel devoted exclusively to the sale of guns and gun accessories is in the works.

The channel, Gun TV, will initially launch with programming between the hours of 1 AM and 7 AM—exactly the time when people are at their most rational and sober—with the goal of expanding to 12, and eventually 24, hours of programming a day. Like other shopping networks, the channel will feature on-air personalities describing and demonstrating the products; every hour, commercial breaks will give firearms manufacturers additional chances to hawk their wares, with a PSA about gun safety thrown in here and there.

As for regulation, once a consumer purchases a gun from Gun TV online or by …

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