Newswire: Holograms to ensure that even dead comedians will still have to get gigs

Banking on the maxim that comedy is just tragedy plus time plus morbid technology, the soon-to-be-unveiled National Comedy Center is planning a special feature attraction for visitors: dead comedians, hauled out of eternal slumber, and forced to perform their routines for you anew as holograms. The museum and performance space in Jamestown, New York, scheduled to open next year, is hoping to include a comedy club with a one-death minimum, where the greats of yesteryear will prowl the stage again, thanks to the same company that’s worked on holographic projections of entertainers like Liberace and Buddy Holly. It’s all part of the Comedy Center’s commitment to “honor the craft” of stand-up—that relentless grind of repeating the same gags over and over again in a purgatory of interchangeable nightclubs and audiences, from which not even death can free you now.

Among the comedians the Center is hoping …

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