Newswire: Hollywood still working on this “Sam Worthington” thing with The Titan

Unwilling to accept that their years-long attempt to synthesize a movie star out of nothing but water vapor and scowling action sequences had probably run its course, Hollywood producers announced today that Sam Worthington has been cast to star in The Titan, a new science fiction love story being directed by Lennart Ruff. “Sam Worthington was in Avatar, which millions of people saw,” executives presumably reminded themselves, even as they desperately tried to conjure a mental image of what this supposed “Sam Worthington” actually looked like. “He was also in a Terminator movie,” another piped up, brow furrowed with the effort of memory. “We wouldn’t have put him in a Terminator movie if he wasn’t a famous movie star. That just wouldn’t make sense.” If there was a note of concern in this fictitious executive’s voice, she hid it with aplomb.

Ruth Wilson will star alongside …

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