Newswire: Hillary Clinton’s emails reveal she’s a Parks And Rec and The Good Wife fan

By now, you should probably know about Hillary Clinton’s ill-advised use of a personal email account for her Secretary Of State correspondence. It’s been quite the scandal for her presidential campaign, as she was repeatedly ordered to hand her email server over to the Justice Department. Now that the emails (well, parts of them) have been released, we’re learning all kinds of things about the presidential hopeful, including her tastes in TV shows.

CNN has been on the email story for a while (which is about as close to journalism as its likely to get these days), and on Tuesday shared such highly sensitive details as this exchange with an Illinois politician about gefilte fish. More importantly, we gleaned some info about Clinton’s viewing habits. In an email sent in early 2010, Clinton asked her aide to look up the air times for Parks And Recreation …

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