Newswire: Hey, who wants to go in on a clown motel?

So, we’ve known each other for a while now, and we feel like we can trust you. We hope you feel the same way. That’s why we’ve called you here today. You see, we’ve been doing some thinking, and maybe the pundits are right about the avocado toast. Maybe it is time to stop spending money on frivolous things, and make an investment towards our collective futures. So, we wanted to ask you—you want to go in with us on this clown motel?

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It’s located in Tonopah, a town of 2,478 located at the junction of U.S. Routes 6 and 95 between Las Vegas and Reno. It’s on Main Street between the strip mall and the old miners’ graveyard, and while that area doesn’t get as much traffic as it used to, Tonopah’s still got the lunar …

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