Newswire: Heroic Damon Wayans Sr. calls out the “money hustle” being run on Bill Cosby

The entertainment industry-wide Rorschach test that’s arisen from the rape allegations against Bill Cosby has developed an ugly new blob of ink, with In Living Color star Damon Wayans Sr. calling out Cosby’s accusers for running a “money hustle” on the veteran comic. Talking to morning radio chat show The Breakfast Club, Wayans— showing the same firm grasp of good judgment that brought Blankman into existence—referred to some of Cosby’s alleged victims as “unrapeable,” and questioned why they waited so long to bring accusations against one of the world’s most rich, powerful, and beloved men.

“I think he was in relationships with all of them,” Wayans theorized, before slipping into what may be the least funny Bill Cosby impression in the long history of un-funny Bill Cosby impressions: “‘You know what? I’m 78. It don’t work no more. I can’t get it …

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