Newswire: Heroes Reborn casts the evil Peter Pan kid from Once Upon A Time

Apparently, like the Highlander, there can be only one childlike actor delivering goofy lines about completely unbelievable situations on TV at a time. And since Ashton Kutcher has already completed his role on Two And A Half Men, that responsibility now falls to Robbie Kay. The actor recently portrayed the villainous Peter Pan on ABC’s Once Upon A Time, and now Deadline reports that the British-born thespian is set to join NBC’s upcoming Heroes Reborn.

Along with Zachary Levi—another actor well-acquainted with pretending to be more than human while technicians fiddle with a green screen behind him—Kay will be playing a new, as-yet-unnamed hero. They join returning Heroes actor Jack Coleman, who will show them the ropes of how to be a hero, as well as how to endure being on a show that gets progressively worse every year. And despite looking like Hayden Christensen’s …

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