Newswire: Here’s why Michelle MacLaren left Wonder Woman

Warner Bros. surprised the superhero-movie world earlier this week when it announced that director Michelle MacLaren is leaving its Wonder Woman adaptation due to “creative differences.” While the studio is still keeping mum on what exactly “creative differences” means—and has swiftly replaced MacLaren with Monster director Patty Jenkins—Variety reports that, while MacLaren envisioned Wonder Woman as a sweeping action epic exploring Wonder Woman’s origin, Warner Bros. had other plans. Believe it or not, the studio behind Batman vs. Superman: How Much Darker Could It Be? was hoping for a meditative character study.

The studio also was also supposedly worried that MacLaren lacked experience directing large-scale action. And with most of her recent experience coming from quiet, small-scale kitchen sink dramas like Game Of Thrones and The Walking Dead, she clearly didn’t have enough experience with battle scenes or complicated location shooting. The studio probably knows from …

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