Newswire: Here’s when to set your DVRs for Hannibal’s return and the Aquarius premiere

As anyone who watched them could tell you, the first two seasons of Hannibal were shockingly good, much better than they had a right to be, given how the film franchise ignobly spiraled down from the heights of Silence Of The Lambs to the “wait, does this barrel even have a bottom?” of Hannibal Rising. Needless to say, viewers’ patience has been wearing thin, especially since season two had already begun by this time last year. But now an answer is here: Variety reports that NBC has announced the premiere dates for its summer programming lineup, including the return of Hannibal and the debut of its new scripted thriller Aquarius. (There’s also the return of American Ninja Warrior, a show created specifically so that any impressive clips can be viewed on YouTube the following day.)

Hannibal will return Thursday, June 4 at 10 p.m. ET, so those of …

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