Newswire: Here’s what’s coming to Hulu in July

Hulu has released its latest list of what’s coming and going from its service next month, with the standard trove of Discovery Channel and Animal Planet reality shows cycling their latest seasons into—hey, wait a second, is that Little Monsters?

Oh, hell yeah, Little Monsters is on here! Widely considered to be one of the best movies in which Howie Mandel pees into a beverage he expects a child to later consume, the 1989 Fred Savage vehicle has made its way to the streaming service, where it’ll rest alongside a bunch of incoming Star Trek movies and the fifth season of Bar Rescue.

Forcing viewers to wrestle with deep existential questions—like, “How can Fred Savage’s dad be played by Daniel Stern, when Daniel Stern is just the voice of his future self echoing in his own head?”—the ostensible comedy was widely viewed as a …

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