Newswire: Here’s what’s coming to (and leaving from) Netflix in July

It’s time for Netflix’s monthly oil change—this July, the streaming giant will be draining its multiple seasons of Medium and Numb3rs and all the numbered Star Trek movies (and Generations, sorry) into a pan to lube up with selections from the Back To The Future, Beverly Hills Cop, Bad Boys, Lethal Weapon, and Death Race franchises. The Big Short will be available as of July 6, offering an Independence Day hangover cure in the form of its hilarious financial crisis plot. Watching Adam McKay’s satirical take on the burst housing bubble might even help subscribers understand that the arrival of Todd Margaret and The Shannara Chronicles necessitates the exit of The Right Stuff and Along Came Polly—after all, one viewer’s loss is another’s gain. But de-commissioning Serenity is just bullshit.

Available July 1

41 on 41 (2014)

A Long Way From Home (2013 …

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