Newswire: Here’s what’s coming to (and leaving from) Hulu in November

November is approaching fast, and though we definitely know there’s something happening that month we’re supposed to remember, we have no idea what it is. It’s some kind of important civic duty we’re supposed to participate in within the first eight days or so, but that doesn’t help much. Oh well, hopefully the new offerings from Hulu will remind us of what it is or keep us distracted long enough that we don’t feel bad about missing it. Thankfully, the latter option should be pretty easy to accomplish in November, because Hulu is getting a good amount of solidly binge-worthy TV shows and movies.

The new TV shows hitting Hulu include the complete 13th season of Top Chef, the sixth season of Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, and the complete first seasons of Uncle Grandpa and Miles From Tomorrowland—for both young kids and …

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