Newswire: Here’s what’s coming to (and leaving from) HBO Now in August

Next month, Game Of Thrones will be one of HBO Now’s comings and goings—the season seven finale will air on August 27 as the pre-winter (what is otherwise known as fall) approaches. The streaming service will also welcome a new comedy special from George Lopez, as well as Lisanne Skyler’s documentary short film, Brillo Box (3¢ Off). The dog days of summer will also see the arrival of Frost/Nixon, Tango & Cash, Nocturnal Animals, Jackie, and the extended version of Max Payne, in case that appeals to you. But that Mark Wahlberg action will come at a price (it always does)—you’ll have to say goodbye to the Absolutely Fabulous movie, two Journey To The Center Of The Earth films, and Rushmore. The complete list is below.

Available August 1

Changing Lanes
Corrina, Corrina
Down With Love

Girl With …

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