Newswire: Here’s what’s coming to (and going from) Hulu in August

As July ends, so does Numbers Month—a month dedicated to movies and TV shows with a number in the title—over at Hulu. Thankfully, we’ve scoured the list of new movies and TV shows coming to Hulu in August, and we’ve once again discovered a very loose, vaguely defined theme that ties some of them together. Apparently, August is Friendship Month at Hulu, and subscribers will be able to enjoy such friendship-themed entertainment as Bad Boys, The Big Chill, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Clueless, Friends And Lovers, Hey Arnold! The Movie, The Italian Job, Saving Private Ryan, season three of Difficult People, and Wayne’s World 2, all of which are about people killing bad guys with friends, getting betrayed by friends, watching your friends get killed by Nazis, or just having good times with your friends.

If you don’t have friends and would …

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