Newswire: Here’s what’s coming to Amazon Prime in April

April is an exciting time over at Amazon Prime. Not only do we get a new season of Catastrophe, the service is making some of our favorite movies of last year available. Now you’ll be able to watch the likes of The Handmaiden and American Honey, both of which ended up on The A.V. Club‘s best of 2016 list, from the comfort of your home. Additionally, Anna Biller’s The Love Witchwhich we called “a nuanced statement on gender relations whose morals are as flexible as its formal qualities are rigid”—will also drop, although if you can you should seek out a 35mm screening of that one. Elsewhere, Amazon is unveiling another set of Bosch episodes, and a docuseries about Hugh Hefner called American Playboy.

Available April 1

Almost Famous
Days Of Thunder
Eddie Murphy Raw
Election (1999)
Ella Enchanted
Kiss The Girls …

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