Newswire: Here’s what’s coming and going on Netflix in October

What Netflix giveth, it taketh away (or retireth): the streaming company has released two almost-complementary lists of new arrivals and vacancies. Starting October 1, you can get the jump on the holidays by watching A Christmas Carol or Boogie Nights, though you’ll have to wait until the 6th to watch American Horror Story: Freak Show or dig into iZombie. By month’s end, you’ll be able to catch up on Jane The Virgin, Arrow season 3, Supernatural season 10, and many others. But you will have to say goodbye to Caprica season 1, The Big Lebowski, This Is Spinal Tap, and…Good Luck Chuck? How’d you’d get in here?

Here are the complete lists, courtesy of The Daily Dot writer(s) who must be fans of the Netflix newsletter.

Coming to Netflix in October:

October 1

A Christmas Carol

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Alexander: Theatrical Cut

American Pie …

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