Newswire: Here’s the first single off of Run The Jewels’ cat sound remix album

Run The Jewels’ cat-sound based remix project Meow The Jewels has moved one step closer in its transformation from, “Ha ha, what a silly joke,” to, “Well, hey, at least it’s for charity,” to “Actual, listenable music.” Last night, the rap duo revealed the first track from the feline-sampling album—which recreates last year’s critically acclaimed Run The Jewels 2 by replacing all the music with sounds coaxed and manipulated out of cats—on their Beats 1 radio show.

“Meowrly” is a remix of “Early,” the seventh track from the album, and it is, as promised, a song in which most of the backing music was replaced by cat sounds. And, in a pleasant development that may or may not come as a surprise, depending on your default feelings on cat-based music, the song actually holds up pretty well. The verses are still there, as strong as ever …

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