Newswire: Here’s some details about the Fight Club comics series you do not talk about

It’s been almost two years since Chuck Palahniuk first announced that he would be creating a sequel to Fight Club, and that it would be in comic book form. Since then, a lot has changed: ISIS. The ebola epidemic. Worldwide puzzlement over the Malaysian Airlines disappearance, an event that surprisingly didn’t begin life as a Chuck Palahniuk story. But one thing that hasn’t changed during all that time is the plot description of Fight Club 2, whose first issue of a ten-part series hits stores today. The New York Post reports that the story unfolds much as the author explained it would in 2013: having moved to the suburbs and settled down, the unnamed narrator and wife Marla are now a boring middle-aged couple. You know, just how you assumed they would become after the end of the original story.

Marla again seems to be the trigger …

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