Newswire: Here’s our first Easter egg-filled look at Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One

Entertainment Weekly has shared a first-look photo from the set of Ready Player One, Steven Spielberg’s big-screen adaptation of Ernest Cline’s ’80s-obsessed sci-fi novel. Thing single pic shows our hero, Wade Watts (Tye Sheridan), inside his grungy old van and donning the headset that brings him into OASIS, a virtual-reality simulation that functions as both an online video game and an alternate society for the suffering masses of the film’s dystopic future.

To his right is where things get a bit plot specific. Watts, who goes by Parzival inside OASIS, is one of many people hunting down the Easter Egg, a hidden treasure left behind by the game’s creator, James Halliday. The first person to uncover it will inherit his fortune and the corporation, effectively gaining control of this massive virtual universe that nearly everyone uses to escape the an Earth that’s been ravaged by …

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