Newswire: Here’s how the Star Wars Celebration honored Carrie Fisher

During the panel honoring 40 years of the franchise at today’s Star Wars Celebration in Orlando, Florida, nearly all of the major players that shaped the Star Wars universe made appearances. But, of course, someone incredibly important was missing. And so, after Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford chatted with George Lucas about the original trilogy, it was time to honor Carrie Fisher. “She’ll always be the princess who took command, and never backed down, never was in jeopardy,” Lucas said. “She was always helping the other guys get out of the messes they created. We’ll all love her forever and ever.”

Lucas’ remarks were followed by a video introduced by Fisher’s daughter Billie Lourd celebrating her life. Set in part to David Bowie’s “Rebel Rebel,” it, yes, focuses on her time as Princess Leia, but also highlights Fisher’s marvelous, indefatigable sense of humor.

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