Newswire: Here’s hoping Finding Dory doesn’t lead to a bunch of real dead fish

Pixar’s Finding Nemo had a pretty simple message: leave the pretty fish in the ocean, where they’ll be safe to live with their families in peace (at least until Mom gets Disney-cursed to death by a barracuda, anyway). Despite laying its ocean-not-tanks stance out pretty bluntly, though, the movie still had a massively detrimental effect on several populations of clownfish, as kids around the world clamored for their own personal Nemos to briefly keep alive. Now, Disney and wildlife groups are worried that the Dorys of the world might be in trouble, too.

Pixar recently released its Finding Nemo follow-up, Finding Dory, to strong reviews and stronger box office performance. The film centers on Ellen DeGeneres’ titular regal blue tang, who braves the ocean and Albert Brooks’ occasional apoplexy to reunite with her family. But conservation groups—including the Human Society and For The Fishes—are concerned that …

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