Newswire: Here’s footage of the Victorian Sherlock from the show’s Comic-Con panel

Yesterday, we brought you some delightfully frivolous daguerreotypes of the cast of the BBC’s Sherlock, clad in Victorian garb to promote their upcoming Christmas special (or whenever it is that the 90-minute episode will eventually air). Oh, the fun we all had, staring at Martin Freeman’s dapper mustache, speculating on what sort of criminals and quips Benedict Cumberbatch might dispatch and dispense, respectively, from beneath his noble deerstalker cap. But now we invite you, dear readers, to cut all that imagination bullcrap out, and instead take in this internet magic lantern show, courtesy of the program’s panel at this year’s Comic-Con, that shows exactly what Victorian Sherlock will be like.

The answer: a lot like regular Sherlock, at least if this footage of Holmes, Watson, and Mrs. Hudson bantering and bickering about dismembered corpses and narrative functions is anything to go off of. Benedict Cumberbatch seems …

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