Newswire: Here’s all the fancy bells and whistles on Spidey’s new Homecoming suit

Most people are lucky to get a snazzy tie pin or a used pocket square as the accessories for their Homecoming suit. Not so for your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, with Marvel releasing a new graphic today showing off all the high-tech bells and whistles in Peter Parker’s latest duds. Designed by Tony Stark, it’s a versatile bit of kit, complete with built-in GPS, enhanced web shooters, and that detachable recon drone we saw in the latest trailer. (Director Jon Watts says it’s called “droney,” which is pretty dang cute.)

(Chuck Zlotnick / Sony Pictures Entertainment)

The suit also sports web wings (for gliding aerodynamically over helicopters), “expressive eyes,” and auto-fitting technology. That’s right: Iron Man has finally mastered self-fitting tech, meaning Spider-Man is one step closer to living every nerd’s dream of having Marty McFly’s outfit from Back To The Future Part II. (It remains …

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