Newswire: Here’s a Warren Franklin song from his upcoming split with Kind Of Like Spitting

Though never fully immersed in the burgeoning emo scene, Warren Franklin has long been an outlier in its midst. This is due in large part to his playing with Joie De Vivre, as well as having key members of that band moonlight in his recently expanded project, Warren Franklin & The Founding Fathers. On February 3 Topshelf Records will release It’s Always Nice To See You, a split LP between Franklin and the resuscitated Kind Of Like Spitting. The A.V. Club is premiering “Lonely Enough,” a track from Franklin’s side of the split that sees him proving once more that he’s a power-pop’s golden child. “Lonely Enough” is the type of warm and fuzzy rock song that proves Franklin has no use for emo’s loud-quiet dynamics. Instead, he’ll dole out his Alex Chilton-like charms without apology.

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