Newswire: Here are your 2015 MTV Video Music Award nominees

Since the Earth has not yet succumbed to an apocalyptic meteor strike, or nuclear winter, or the calamitous effects of global warming, the calendar year has once more circled back around to MTV’s annual invitation to catastrophe, the Video Music Awards. Like a high-level executive at Merrill Lynch who periodically takes a break from engineering massive wealth inequality to attend Burning Man, MTV’s three-hour dip into the YouTube-infested waters of music videos is its yearly sojourn into the past. Staring into the void of its music-less present, the channel arranges for a fresh transfusion of young blood—Miley Cyrus, in this case— into its aging husk.

Nonetheless, the list of music videos that have never appeared on MTV prior to the VMAs, and never will again after that night, have been announced. You can head on over to MTV and vote for your favorites, although there doesn’t …

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