Newswire: Here are the most timeless songs, as definitively proven by Spotify

Think of all the time you’ve wasted after a song comes on the jukebox when you’re out somewhere, and you declare, “This song is timeless,” only to have someone else stare at you blankly and say, “I don’t know this one.” Good news: Now you can prove with 100 percent certainty which of you is right, and which wrong, through the infallible magic of science. Data scientist Matt Daniels has set out to determine which songs from pop music’s past stand the test of time, and to do so, he has turned to Spotify, the music streaming service that answers the question, “Why can’t I listen to “Shake it Off” from Taylor Swift’s 1989?” Daniels has measured the most popular songs from each decade among users of the service, and the results will surely end for all time any questions about whether Oasis truly …

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