Newswire: Here are (alleged) renderings of the new Ghostbusters pinball machine

It’s been a banner week for Ghostbusters fans of all eras. Early Wednesday, director Paul Feig unveiled the movie reboot’s website, while Columbia Pictures released the first glimpse of Chris Hemsworth in character as the troupe’s bespectacled secretary. Later that day, the r/pinball Reddit and the Ghostbusters Fans forum lit up with leaks of what appeared to be photos and renderings of a long-rumored Ghostbusters pinball machine, focused on the characters and premise from the old-school movies.

If legitimate, the drawings reveal two versions of the game, an LE and Pro model, marked by Slimer and the Ecto-1 vehicle (respectively). One backglass rendering features the core four fighters from the 1984 film in front of faves such as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and Zuul. Creator Stern Pinball hasn’t officially announced the Ghostbusters game—or acknowledged the leak on social media—but The A.V …

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