Newswire: Here are 24 songs you’ll be able to mangle when Guitar Hero comes back

Harmonix announced last month that it is bringing back Guitar Hero after a four-year hiatus, raising questions of whether the company had purposefully waited until all but the most devoted fans of the previous games had thrown away their old controllers to re-launch the franchise. (If so, kudos on making us all buy them again, Harmonix. Very savvy.)

The new game, called Guitar Hero Live, will make a few improvements on the old model—it changes the configuration on the controller from one row of five buttons to two rows of three, for example, in order to more closely mimic a real guitar and eliminate excuses from shamefaced musicians who claim, “This thing is throwing me off.” It will also replace the alterna-Sims who awkwardly swayed along to players’ previous attempts at rock godhood with bandmates and audience members played by human actors, so real people can boo at …

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