Newswire: Henry Rollins inspired The Walking Dead’s Negan, thought he was a shoo-in for the part

Thanks to online quizzes, any fan can determine which character they would be on their favorite TV shows. But Henry Rollins had more reason than most to think he could be a part of The Walking Dead—it turns out he was the physical model for the nefarious Negan. In an interview with Forbes, Rollins reveals that Charlie Adlard, artist and penciller for the Walking Dead comics, had based the character on him. He doesn’t clarify if that means the character has his temperament, build, or bat, but he did feel he was a “shoo-in” for the part.

“The internet was wild with speculation because in the upcoming season, they were going to introduce the character. A woman that works in my office put my name and the character’s name into an internet search and all this speculation came up. I went for the audition, and there were …

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