Newswire: Henry Cavill drops out of Stratton days before filming was set to begin

Well, this certainly looks like a pattern: In October, Gal Gadot passed on a leading role in Ben-Hur because it conflicted with her obligations as Wonder Woman, warrior princess of the Amazons (also, she’s playing Wonder Woman in a bunch of movies). Then, earlier this month, Jason Momoa quit The Magnificent Seven because it interfered with his Aquaman-related work. Now, a third member of Batman V. Superman‘s Justice League has decided he’s a quitter, as Henry Cavill (Superman himself) has announced that the symbol on his chest stands for “smell ya later” and that he has dropped out of director Simon West’s action-thriller Stratton. Unfortunately for literally everyone else involved in the film’s production, this isn’t a case where they can just replace Cavill and get everything back on track, because filming was supposed to start on Tuesday.

This all comes from Screen Daily …

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