Newswire: Henley manufacturers apologize to Don Henley

The Henley exists squarely in the middle between the showiness of a collared shirt and the comfy ease of a T-shirt. Don Henley exists squarely in the middle between the flash of rock ‘n’ roll and the laidback ramble of country-folk. But despite these similarities, you should never confuse the two, lest you face the legal wrath of the non-shirt Henley, as outdoor apparel retailer Duluth Trading Co. recently found out.

Last October, the company released the ad below, which whimsically suggested that you “Don a Henley and Take It Easy”—a play on the Eagles’ 1972 hit song “Take It Easy.”

Like many, Don Henley was not amused. Ignoring his own song’s advice to avoid letting the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy while you’re trying to score with as many hippie chicks as possible, Don Henley did not “lighten up.” In fact, he filed …

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