Newswire: Hear the first song from Jeff Rosenstock’s new album, We Cool?

For the past decade Jeff Rosenstock has been synonymous with DIY culture. Before putting his long-running ska-punk hybrid Bomb The Music Industry! to bed, Rosenstock championed the free distribution of music though his label Quote Unquote Records, rarely producing any item that couldn’t be had for free. With Bomb laid to rest last January, Rosenstock has pushed forward under his own name, and on March 3 he’ll release his sophomore solo record, We Cool?, on Side One Dummy Records. The A.V. Club is premiering the video for the first song from We Cool?, a re-tooled version of “Nausea,” a track that was previously released as a bonus track to 2013’s “Summer” 7-inch. Pre-orders for We Cool? are now available on iTunes, as well as via Side One Dummy, where fans can also pick up such delightful merch items as the “Jeff Robenstock” robe, a teddy bear …

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