Newswire: Hear a rare track of quiet melancholy from Los Campesinos!

Ebullient pop-rock band Los Campesinos! probably isn’t the first source you’d think of for a down-tempo, reflective, acoustic-driven ballad. But that’s what the group delivers on “The Fall Of Home,” the new single from the forthcoming album Sick Scenes, due out February 24 on Wichita Recordings. Coming right around the midpoint of the new record, the track finds singer Gareth Campesinos waxing poetic over the nature of leaving your former home for a new place, but without any guarantees things will get better. “Left your hometown for somewhere new / Don’t be surprised, now it’s leaving you,” he sings, as the spare guitar is joined by strings, keys, and a lonely tambourine. Gareth says this about “The Fall Of Home”:

This is an elegy to the home towns left behind. It’s about the villages too stifling to ever allow you or itself to flourish. About …

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