Newswire: HBO wants Game Of Thrones to last 10 seasons, probably won’t make a movie

A few years ago, Game Of Thrones producer Frank Doelger scared the petrified dragon eggs out of HBO when he declared that the show would only go on for seven seasons. The idea was that the people behind Game Of Thrones don’t want the audience to get sick of it as it drags its feet in anticipation of George R.R. Martin doing that thing he’s supposed to be doing (whatever it is). Now, to some people, this would be a reasonable idea. Game Of Thrones is an exciting show, and nobody wants it to turn into a boring slog (storylines that are already a boring slog notwithstanding). To HBO, however, this is a terrible idea. It would rather give Thrones its seven seasons, then ease it into another seven, then maybe another seven after that. Or it’ll just settle for 10.

That comes from an interview …

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