Newswire: HBO president tries to clamp down on Game Of Thrones “spin-off fever”

Although it’s still got two highly-anticipated seasons left to go, Game Of Thrones got a new infusion of speculative enthusiasm back in May, when HBO announced it was currently developing not just one, but four separate (and still very hypothetical) prequel spin-off series to the fantasy epic. But while the news definitely built up some hype for the franchise’s post-season-8, fate, it’s also starting to sound like a bit of a headache for network president Casey Bloys. Bloys has given a number of interviews about the prequels over the last few months, and he’s mostly spent them attempting to clear up miscommunications and misperceptions about the spin-off projects.

Case in point: A new conversation this week with The Hollywood Reporter, in which Bloys attempts to “clamp down” on the “spin-off fever” surrounding the franchise. To start, the network president reiterated the fact that he really, truly …

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