Newswire: HBO orders a pilot for T.J. Miller’s The Gorburger Show

Dave Letterman’s old set has barely had time to start to rotting in the dump or wilting under the drooling attention of eBay savvy obsessives, and already a new talk show star has lumbered forward, devouring all challengers and smashing the competition. Variety reports that Funny Or Die’s The Gorburger Show, which stars T.J. Miller as a ravenous blue space monster who hijacks a Japanese chat show in order to interview and occasionally devour famous musicians, has been picked up to pilot by HBO.

Now in its second year on YouTube, The Gorburger Show has settled into a comfortable, if bizarre pattern. From within the monstrous hostwho resembles a mixture of the titular creatures from Where The Wild Things Are and one of Jim Henson’s gnarlier creationsMiller grills musical celebrities like Tegan And Sara or The Mars Volta, alternating between blithe talk show conversation …

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