Newswire: HBO movie will tell how psychologists developed the CIA’s interrogation tactics

HBO Films is making a feature about how the CIA hired psychologists to devise extreme interrogation tactics that the agency employed in the war on terror. This was all done with the full knowledge and cooperation of the American Psychological Association, making it possible that your own therapist was thinking about waterboarding while you went on and on about Richard getting that promotion instead of you.

Based on investigative reporter Katherine Eban’s 2007 Vanity Fair article of the same name, Rorschach And Awe proves that, like the war on terror, puns are ongoing and require constant vigilance. The film will be written and directed by Scott Z. Burns, who is well prepared for the job after writing The Bourne Ultimatum, a film that criticizes the CIA and dabbles in a psychological torture subplot, and Side Effects, which already put him on many a mental health professional’s shit list.

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