Newswire: HBO might Showtime Game Of Thrones with a potential eight seasons or more

Unlike most of its characters, Game Of Thrones will live to see at least seven seasons, and potentially more if HBO’s president of programming Michael Lombardo has his druthers. In HBO’s executive session at the Television Critics Association Press Tour, Lombardo said the widely circulated seven-season lifespan was never a conversation at HBO, where they’re happy to let creators D.B. Weiss and David Benioff sew direwolf heads onto human bodies for pretty much as long as they damn well please.

“Seven seasons and out has never been the conversation,” said Lombardo, though he conceded he Weiss and Benioff have imagined concluding the series after a sixth and seventh season. “It’s just a question about how much more after seven they want to do. We’d love to have them change their minds, but I think [two more seasons is] what we’re looking at right …

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