Newswire: HBO just happens to pick up pot comedy High Maintenance on April 20

In what we’re sure is a total coincidence and not a nod to the admittedly easily amused stoner demographic, Deadline reports that today, April 20, 2015, HBO gave a six-episode order to the Vimeo series High Maintenance. Ben Sinclair stars as a Brooklyn pot delivery guy whose clientele can best be described as “eccentric,” a premise that leads to funny slice-of-life scenarios and the slow realization that the title of a the show is a pun.

That sort of wordplay might not appear to be a great omen for the series, but High Maintenance has garnered all sorts of praise from critics over the course of its two-year run. In his writeup for The A.V. Club, Matt Crowley said that “sharp writing and nuanced performances ensure [the characters] never veer into stereotype,” calling the show “a charming, lilting treat.” (Also, let us not forget that Broad City went …

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