Newswire: HBO facing defamation lawsuit over Bryant Gumbel report on child labor

As picked up by The Hollywood Reporter, HBO is facing a “huge” defamation lawsuit from sporting equipment maker Mitre Sports over a 2008 episode of Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel that claimed the company used child labor to make soccer balls. The segment was titled “Children Of Industry,” and it featured kids in India making balls for Mitre and other companies with Gumbel saying, “governments, manufacturers, and retailers all say they abhor the practice of child labor. Yet, clearly they are all letting it happen.” Unsurprisingly, Mitre took offense to that and claimed that the entire segment was a “hoax,” and everything in it was “fabricated” or “dramatized.”

Mitre (which, to be fair, would certainly have no reason to lie about this), says it actually tracked down the children who were involved, and they supposedly admitted that the show’s producers paid them off to pretend they were hired to …

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