Newswire: HBO actually took out a full-page Jonah Ryan ad in a New Hampshire paper

New Hampshire voters probably thought they’d stumbled upon a maverick when they came across a full-page ad in the New Hampshire Union Leader for U.S. Senate candidate Jon H. Ryan (that star is just a space, right?). Who was this tall, bespectacled drink of water, and what was he “listening” to? More importantly, what could he do for the Granite State?

(Image: New Hampshire Union Leader)

The answer to that last question is obviously nothing, as the man pictured above is Jonah Ryan, Timothy Simons’ character on HBO’s Veep, who is currently making an ill-advised (to put it mildly) run for Congress in the show’s fifth season. But given the frightening authenticity of Jonah Ryan for Congress website, it was only a matter of time until Jonad’s—sorry, Jonah’s—campaign broke into the real world. And since there are still some print media diehards …

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