Newswire: Hasbro rolls the dice, tries to land a Monopoly musical on Broadway

Most people have probably struggled through a marathon Monopoly game, with relationships between friends or family members collapsing under the oppressive weight of greed, jealousy, and the general pressures of capitalism. Obviously, then, the only thing that could possibly make an evening of Monopoly more tolerable is if everybody involved were singing show tunes about Boardwalk, Reading Railroad, and the Community Chest. Well, that’s what Hasbro seems to think at least, because it’s now developing Monopoly: The Musical, a theatrical production that’s being targeted for Broadway.

That comes from Variety, which says Hasbro has signed a deal with a Broadway-based producing and merchandising company called the Araca Group that will license Hasbro’s many brands (G.I. Joe, Transformers, My Little Pony, various board games) for use in “national tours, amusement parks, and cruise ships” along with “high schools, colleges, and community theaters.” That means you could …

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