Newswire: Harvey Weinstein is fighting the MPAA again

If there’s one thing that Harvey Weinstein hates, it’s the MPAA’s R rating. It just fills him with an unstoppable rage, if only because it consistently keeps him separated from his best friend, the MPAA’s PG-13 rating. Weinstein has fought against the MPAA’s R rating a few times in the past, specifically on behalf of Bully and The King’s Speech, and now he’s doing it again for 3 Generations, a film starring Elle Fanning as a transgender teen. The MPAA has given 3 Generations an R for “language including some sexual references,” and according to Page Six, Weinstein wants it dropped to PG-13 so the film can be shown in high schools.

Naturally, the fun-haters (and tolerance-haters, apparently) at the Parents Television Council want it to stay at the R rating, with the organization releasing a statement that calls out Weinstein for wanting …

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