Newswire: Harvard withdraws acceptance offers to teens over offensive memes

Trying to one-up each other with memes has turned out poorly for a group of recently admitted Harvard students, who had their acceptance offers withdrawn by the Ivy League school. According to The Crimson, this all began in a general Facebook group for Harvard students, where a bunch of meme-loving students joined together to create an offshoot dedicated to posting photos with captions in place of, you know, communicating. When that group’s memes proved to be not quite dank enough, a bunch of students splintered off into a private Facebook group chat, where they reportedly posted more obscene memes. Thus, the “Harvard memes for horny bourgeois teens” group was born, with acceptance into its hallowed, digital halls requiring that prospective members post something “borderline offensive” in the original meme group so that these wannabe provocateurs would know that you were down, we guess.

The Harvard administration somehow caught wind …

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