Newswire: Harrison Ford will reboot anything that moves

The cast of Blade Runner 2049 made an appearance with director Denis Villeneuve at San Diego Comic-Con earlier today, sandwiched between Ready Player One and Justice League at Warner Bros.’ annual cavalcade of cinematic hype. With the film’s release coming up on October 6 and several trailers already out, there wasn’t a whole lot in the way of new footage at the panel, save for a clip featuring Ryan Gosling’s Officer K touring a hall of replicants that appeared in the first trailer for the film.

But the cast and crew were entertainingly candid, with Villeneuve explaining that he took on the project “because I didn’t want anybody else to fuck it up.” Harrison Ford, meanwhile, was at peak Harrison Ford, grumbling, “It doesn’t matter what I think,” when his internal calculations about how much air he could get in a vintage WWI biplane …

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