Newswire: Harrison Ford draws massive applause at the Force Awakens Comic-Con panel

Despite reports that a new trailer for The Force Awakens wouldn’t be seeing the light of the day until we get a lot closer to the movie’s December release date, there was still some hope that the plucky Star Wars fans who camped out outside of Comic-Con’s Hall H this weekend might get a peek of something new during the panel for J.J. Abrams’ upcoming film. Sadly, it wasn’t to be; when Abrams and his co-panelists, producer Kathleen Kennedy and writer Lawrence Kasdan, rolled tape today, it wasn’t for a trailer, but a short behind-the-scenes featurette. And while the footage might have been very affecting—it apparently made famously stoic panel moderator Chris Hardwick cry—it didn’t give fans much new information, outside of confirming that the Simon Pegg cameo we were all expecting definitely happened. (No word on Daniel Craig the Stormtrooper …

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