Newswire: Harrison Ford also doesn’t give a fuck

Imagine being Harrison Ford for a minute. One minute you’re picking up some acting gigs to supplement your carpentry income, and then the nerd who directed you in American Graffiti asks you to play a spaceman in his kiddie movie. Next thing you know, it’s 40 years later, you’ve got a wax figure in Madame Tussauds, and you can’t take your vintage biplane out for an afternoon jaunt without the kid at the airfield telling you he’s “got a bad feeling about this” and grinning at you like you’ve never heard that bullshit before. “Yes, I was in Star Wars,” you might think. “But I just don’t give a fuck any more.”

And then you’ve got to go and do a bunch of interviews about the new spaceman movie you made with some other nerd, and you do understand that there would …

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